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Old Love, New Story

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Mentionez de la inceput ca acest fic nu imi apartine.Personajele apartin Companiei Marvel , iar fic-ul lui Miss Maia .
De asemenea,va fi nevoie de un avertisment de varsta(pentru capitolele urmatoare).Este o poveste bazata pe actiunea din X-Men,benzile desenate(sau,pentru cei familiarizati,X-Men din 92').
Sper sa va placa.Va voi pune de asemenea si niste poze,care sa va ajute putin.

* In povestea originala (si in acest fic) Scott si jean sunt casatoriti,insa Jean a ales sa isi pastreze si numele de Grey.

Jean Grey-Summers * (grafica originala Marvel).

Scott Summers

Emma Frost

Profesor X (Charles Xavier)

Storm (Ororo Munroe)

Gambit (Remy LeBeau)


Old Love, New Story


“Two more teens are missing in Buenos Aires with the same unnatural events. Pascal Santiago, 17, black, was playing with his younger brother, Cléo Santiago, 14, who also was kidnapped. Neighbors refused to give an interview, but it is rumored that the boys were mutants.”

Logan snored at the screen as he lit his cigarette. He knew Storm didn’t like him smoking in closed places, and in response to her skeptical look, even though he loved to push her buttons, he did what she wanted this time. Stretching, he took a better look at the Weather Witch. She was charming; her hair pulled back in a charming ponytail, just a few white strands falling on her chocolate skin. And that peach dress… It’s a pity that it ended after her knee. He soon turned his view to Jean Grey-Summers, who was sitting to his diagonal, staring at the television without blinking. The Weather Witch was beautiful, but he sure was into the redhead type.

“The mother of the boys denied everything that related her sons with any kind of genetic modifications, affirming that they were normal kids.”

“Liar.” Mumbled Rogue, who was sitting beside Logan in the round table in the Meeting Room of the X-Men.

“What’s that, chérie?” Softly asked Remy LeBeau, who heard his girlfriend’s remark. He was playing with his decks of cards, not paying too much attention to what was happening on the screen in front of the table.

“Nothin’.” She responded relaxing on the chair and the thief’s hand making little circles on her protected knee. That mother was just trying to protect her children; there was no motive to judge her.

“The Santiago boys weren’t the first on the kidnapping wave that is rushing the region. There are still fourteen other black children missing, most of them with the same suspicion of the abnormal genetic characteristic. The Argentine Police claims that the possible crimes had racial intentions related to the children’s color, and alleges that it has nothing to do with mutants, and it is an action of one of the many racial groups.”

“Bullshit.” Whispered under his breath Robert Drake, obviously annoyed with the Argentine Police’s answer. Because of his not so polite remark, he received a telepathic pinch from his British friend, Elisabeth Braddock.

“Ouch! That hurts you know?”

The British just laughed lightly, with all her lady like attitude.

“But the population seems to have made it very clear that they think the kidnapped kids were mutants.” The camera that was focused on the black-haired reporter moved aside to show a pitched wall. “ That is the Santiagos’ house.” On the wall was pitched “¡Monstruos Maldecidos!”.

“What’s that-”

“Fuckin’ Freaks.” Remy responded dryly.

“I’m Roberto Miranda, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Now the weather news with-”

“That has been happening in the Argentine’s capital region in the last couple of weeks.” Started the leader of the X-Men, Scott Summers, turning off the TV with the remote control and standing in front of the screen. “The lights, Jean.” He said in a lower tone to his wife. She telekinetically turned on the lights of the room. “Thank you.” She just smiled, and Logan snored again. ‘C’mon, Scott looks like an asshole standing in front of that television in a general position. What does he think we are, boy scouts?’

“In the first week we decided not to interfere in the investigation, but as soon as the suspiciousness of the genetic evolution of the children were being confirmed, we agree to intervene.” Because the silence filled the room, he continued. “I’m planning to send a group of four to see the situation more closely before directly intervening becau-”

“I can go.” Said Bobby raising his hand.

“We haven’t decided it yet Bobby.”

“I can be the brutal force.” He said playfully punching the air.

“It’s not an offensive mission, and we need a leader. So, you’re out.”


“Remy, it’s a good idea if you go. You know the place better then the most of us.”

“Oui, mon Capitan.” He said lightly playing.

“Rogue?” Scott asked inclining his head on the Southern’s direction.

She nodded and whispered at Remy’s ears. “Anywhere with mah Cajun.” Winking at her he held her hands.

“Because we’re going to do some interviews it’ll be necessary a telepath…” He looked at Betsy, who didn’t seem to be paying any attention to him, and back to Jean, who just nodded. “Good.”

“I need to arrange some things around here.” Storm announced.

“If you’re going to stay, Storm, I can go. Ok. We leave tomorrow at seven o’clock. All the members of the mission should be on the subsoil of the Black Bird at six thirty.”

“Are we dismissed?” The Canadian asked ironically. Bobby chuckled at the joke.

“A weekend away for the X-Men couples…” He said still chuckling.

Not laughing, Scott answered.


As the others got up and started to head to whatever they were going to do on a Friday afternoon, Storm got closer to Scott, calling him to attention.

“Scott, I need to talk to you for a minute.” Jean got the papers he was missing.

“I’ll just wait outside.” She said giving a light kiss on Scott’s cheek.

“Hu-hun, what happened?” Storm put a file on the table and switched it, so Scott could read it. Getting the paper to see it closely he sighed. “So that’s the thing you have to arrange?” She nodded, sighing. “Do you trust her?” He said letting the paper once more rest on the table.

“I’m not sure enough but…”

“I’m sorry Strom it’s just that Logan… what’s that?” Jean came into the room again, and saw the file on the table. “Wow…”

“Yeah. What do you make of it?” Asked Scott, Ororo also had her eyes on the redhead. After a minute to reflect, Jean started.

“I think she proved that she regenerated during the last years. She even helped us once.”

“Scott?” Asked Storm. His shades traveled once more on the file.

“Let’s give her a try. Afterwards, that’s what the X-Men are made of, second chances.” He finished the phrase holding his wife’s hand, remembering the Phoenix episode. “But we have to be sure she’s not planning something… I mean, can you check her?” Scott put two fingers on his temple, referring to Jean.

“Sure, when she comes, I can confirm her rightness.”


“So it’s done.” Said Storm.

“Yep. When will she come?”

“Well, she’s at New York for a business meeting, conference, something like that. She said she can arrive in a weeks time, maybe more. I’ll call her now.”

“Thank you Storm.”

“But Jean,” Started the white headed woman. “Wouldn’t it be better if you stayed here and waited until she arrives?”

“Actually, I-”

“That won’t be necessary.” Scott answered for his wife. “Our mission to Argentina will be quick, and if anything happens she can fly back.”

“Ok… and Jean,” She said turning to face her. “What were you going to say about Logan?”

“Oh, he wants to say something about the terrace flower’s smell, something about his room smelling girly.” She smiled.

“I see. You can keep her file if you want to reanalyze it.” She said already turning to the door. Scott took the file in one hand and Jean’s hand on the other. Between his fingers you could read the name ‘Emma Frost’ on the top of the file.
Jean Grey

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